Electricity Saver Card works by eliminating electrical energy wastage.

The first picture shows the electromagnetic reading around a pair of random switches which have been turned ON. It shows a reading because electromagnetic field is detected outside of the switches.
The second picture shows what happened after Wafarnalcom Electricity Saver Card was placed below the switches. The reading, which was 664 initially, dropped to zero, indicating the absence of electromagnetic field and hence, zero energy loss around the switches.
The prevention of electrical energy loss means that less energy is now required to power a load, which resulted in savings for the consumer.

Electricity Saver Card contains layers of piezoelectric materials which produce negative ions to help absorb energy loss.
The card doesn’t contain any mechanical and electrical parts; therefore, they do not wear out.
It is very durable.
However, care must be taken to ensure that the card is not damaged:
– do not bend it
– do not knock it with hard objects
– do not burn it
– do not submerge in water
– do not peel off the layers

Electricity Saver Card has been tested and certified by TUV SUD and SIRIM.

No magnets in the card and the card will not catch fire or explode in the distribution box.