Fuel Saver Card

Fuel Saver Card

Fuel Saver Card achieves a fuel saving effect based on the Nano Quantum Physic technology which can maximize engine’s fuel efficiency, increase horsepower, torque and decrease carbon monoxide emissions. Fuel Saver Card can be used on petrol, diesel and LPG engines, which can prolong engine’s lifetime with easy installation.

* Ionization:
The system operates by means of Molecular Reaction Technologies to reduce the size of the smallest droplets of the fuel within the vehicle’s fuel tank and fuel lines; Fuel Saver Card changes the aggregation of fuel molecules from ‘cluster’ to ‘single molecule’. The result can decrease the surface tension which leads to a better atomization of the fuel and improve fuel efficiency.

* Oxygenation:
With Nano Negative Ion technology, the Negative Ion releases a negative electric charge in the oxygen molecule. Subject to test showed that Fuel Saver Card can increase the inhalant amount of oxygen by 20%.

* Performance:
Most users have felt the extra performance within 3 Days after Fuel Saver Card was installed.

Only in a few cases the vehicle had to run some distance (approx. up to 5,000 km in some cases) before the effects of the fuel efficiency could be realized.
Check up the mileage of the vehicle prior to installation of Wafarnalcom Fuel Saver Card and monitor the fuel consumption for mileage run there after. Compare the result for the fuel efficiency after using the Wafarnalcom Fuel Saver Card.

Poorly maintained engines and large amount of carbon build-up can slow down the reaction of Fuel Saver Card, but after a longer period of applying Fuel Saver Card on the vehicle the fuel saving effect might eventually in effect.