Smart Kiosk

Smart Kiosk
The project will provide as many payment points as possible
And technological services in Egypt through the establishment of more than 5000 environmentally friendly ports designed strongly
Stylish and powered by solar cells to generate energy. Electronic payment and trade services are also provided
Electronic system through a full-fledged system. The kiosk provides nearly 100,000 opportunities
Work directly and indirectly (25 thousand direct and 75 thousand indirectly).
The services offered by the smart kiosk are
(Collection of periodic invoices for service companies ..
Electricity – Water – Gas – Land Phones – Phones
Mobile – Internet – Driving License Expenses –
University expenses – Birth certificate – Death certificate –
National number plus other services).

The project will include:

  • Electronic payment services.
  • Electronic commerce services.
  • E Government Services.
  • Egyptian Postal Services.
  • Telecommunications products and IT services.
  • Electronic collection services.
  • Other prospective services.

    plus many Feature as:

  • Digital Screens
  • Touch Screens
  • E Marketing
  • E Commerce
  • Electronic Payment
  • Solar Power
  • Augmented Reality